Other Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is more of a public affirmation of a couple’s commitment to each other rather than a legally binding ceremony. Your ceremony may still be as formal or traditional as you wish.

This style of Ceremony is more suited for couples who cannot, for what ever reason, legally marry but who would still like to undertake a formal commitment to their relationship and to one other.

I would love to help you create your own unique commitment ceremony and make this occasion a beautiful and heart-warming experience that can be shared by just the two of you, or with your family and friends.

Some great ideas for your commitment ceremony:

  • An exchange of rings or jewellery
  • a candle lighting ceremony
  • Affirmations from friends and family to support the couple in their union. This is a beautiful aspect of the ceremony that will greatly enhance the occasion.

My ceremony includes a presentation of Commitment Certificate to the happy couple.

Baby Naming Ceremony

A Baby Naming Ceremony is also very special to me; I am very honoured to be chosen to conduct a Baby Naming Ceremony as it can be a very moving experience.

Parenthood is a serious life long commitment of support and involvement in the child’s life. Becoming a parent is a wonderful act of giving life; it involves fulfilment and nurturing and should be celebrated.

A Naming ceremony is a custom-designed spin-off of the traditional religious ceremony, allowing you to invite your family and friends along to your child’s first public celebration.

It can be a special ceremony with the option of using water to name the baby, butterfly release or a lighted candle…the choice is yours.

This ceremony is suitable for a child of any age; if you are welcoming a new step-child or adopted-child, it can be a lovely transition into a new family.

The event can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose – it’s up to you. You will need to choose a guardian/s to be involved in the ceremony that is prepared to make a public commitment to look after your child; This Ceremony is a good preparation for your child’s happy and healthy future.

My gift to you is a signed and personalised Certificate, along with a beautifully presented copy of your ceremony - a lasting memory of your Special Day.

Adoption Ceremony

A naming or adoption ceremony is a unique occasion allowing everyone to offer their love and support for your child’s future. You can choose to have special readings, poetry, music and symbols including a cultural significance to enhance the sacredness of the ceremony. You will also receive a certificate as a special memento of the occasion.